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Colorado Association of Psychotherapists (CAP) is a professional organization supporting professional development of professional psychotherapists in Colorado. with education, networking and legislative activities. CAP is leading the way nationwide in promoting access to a variety of choices in mental health care.

CAP members are professional psychotherapists offering a wide range of  mental health services based on each members' educational background, certifications and training. CAP is the professional association providing Registered Psychotherapists a code of ethics to work under, continuing education opportunities, networking events to support psychotherapists, as well as representation with state legislative and administrative agencies.

CAP members provide alternative as well as traditional approaches to mental health care. Many of our practitioners are certified in evidence based alternative approaches. Go to the member profiles to learn more about the services offered which meet diverse needs of clients in this rapidly changing world.

Because we are a volunteer organizations, we are seeking therapists who want to help with expanding our networking and educational opportunities to serve professional psychotherapists and to keep the public informed of professional mental health services.

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CAP membership categories include:

  • professional membership for practitioners
  • student membership
  • associate membership opportunities for associated businesses who provide goods and services to psychotherapists.

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